Technology Implementations

If you’ve managed to come through the technology acquisition process smiling then the next exciting challenge is the implementation.”

Here is where the real ‘fun’ starts.  Have you ever built a house?  If so, remember that exciting feeling when you signed the final design off.  It’s filled with excitement and a sense of ‘this is going to be our dream home’.  Now, think back to how the build journey goes.  There are probably many ups and downs.  Many times when it just seems too hard and you worry that it’s not going to work.

Well to be honest implementing technology can be very similar.  We like to break it down into 3 emotional states:

  • uninformed optimism – we don’t know what we don’t know but it’s going to be great
  • informed pessimism – this is hard, why is it so hard?
  • informed optimism – ok, we now know what we need to do and can see we’ll get there

Our job is to work with you through the ups and downs to see your technology implemented successfully across the organisation.  We look at people, process and technology in a combined manner.  Often there are a number of ‘human’ challenges in getting technology implemented successfully.   Working with 100s of clients over our time means we’ve seen it all…  Talk to us if you’re struggling to bring your people along for the journey or if you’d like to ensure you start your technology implementation right from day one!