Technology Acquisitions

If you’ve got the wrong hammer it’s going to be hard to build your dream home.  No matter how good a builder you are, if you have the wrong tools…it’s not fun.  The same goes for your technology in business.”

Now more than ever before there is a plethora of amazing technology out there to choose from.  But unless acquiring technology is your full time gig, it’s becoming incredibly hard to know what the right technology set for your business is.

So this is where we help you….this is our full time job.

We’ve helped 100’s of clients acquire everything from new ERP’s to Membership Systems, Social Media tools and everything in between.  What this experience has given us is wealth of knowledge amongst a sea of technology. Every vendor will tell you their product is the BEST and will solve your business pain.  Truth is, software products are merely the tool, you need skilled expertise to turn that tool into something meaningful for your own business.

Here’s just a sample of the types of technology we’ve help our clients purchase (and implement):

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions
  • Financials Management Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions
  • Portal and Web Services (Intra/Inter & Extranet)
  • Content Management Systems
  • Web Based Applications
  • Online Collaboration tools
  • Document Management Systems
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Project Administration Systems
  • IP telephony
  • Voice over Internet Protocol
  • Integration tools
  • The list goes on…

What do we know that you don’t?  Well after 18+ years of doing this, we know how software vendors work.  We know their sales processes, what drives their fancy titled sales team, when they will offer discounts and how they want to sell to you.   When a sales promise probably can’t be backed up by an implementation delivery.   And we know amazing technology when we see it.   In other words the good, bad and ugly of technology purchases.

How do we help?

Well, we’ve managed all sorts of processes from very formal government Request for Tenders through to informal product demos.

The key to getting this right is:

  • Knowing what business outcomes you need from new technology
  • Being able to articulate them very clearly to potential vendors
  • Knowing ALL the question to ask the vendors
  • Knowing how a vendor wants to sell to you & how you should buy from them
  • Knowing how the longer term relationship should work between you and the vendor
  • Knowing how to cut the deal so that it is a win/win outcome.  This is crucial. The key is for you to obtain maximum value for money and for the vendor to feel they have achieved a fair and reasonable price for their software.

So the next time you think you need something new in the technology space, please get in touch with us.  We’ll come and chat and then together work with you to determine how we can help you.