Digital Strategy

If you’re in business, then most likely the digital world plays a role in what you do and how you deliver it.  If it doesn’t, well it should.”

A good Digital Strategy will compliment and help deliver your overall business strategy.

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Closely and carefully aligned to your business strategy should be your digital strategy.  This is not just your website. This is about how you interact with all touch points of your business; your clients, customers, suppliers, partners, vendors and staff.

Do you need to be more or less social online?  Can you push more processes online and integrate your clients or partners into those processes.  Think for a moment about airlines tickets.  Remember the days before ‘online’.  Think for a moment about how much integration and work effort was required by the airline to sell that ticket.  Now think about what happens online.  All the effort is removed from the airline and placed on the consumer, even down to the boarding ticket being their responsibility.   Airlines have pushed the entire purchase process over to the consumer to undertake and manage.

Maintaining a Digital Strategy can be hard work. You can spend your entire working week managing your brand online if you don’t have a clear direction and roadmap.  Sometimes less is more!   We work with you to determine what platforms you need to be social on, what is your messaging and what is the purpose of being online.

This is what we love working with our clients on.  Let us work with you to make your digital strategy work for you.