Application Development

We build industry standard solutions when required for our clients…we’ve even won awards for them!”

We’ve been building technology solutions for as long as we’ve been in business.

We work with enterprise level development languages such as Java and .Net.  We build in an agile manner and ensure our clients are not locked into using us by rogue builds.  Whilst in most cases we look to buy than build for clients, every now and then it just makes sense to build.  We’re not in the game of building just because we can, we won’t talk you into building bespoke technology if we can find an ‘off the shelf’ solution that fits your needs.  We’d rather you choose to work with us than are forced to!

Just to make you feel comfortable with our expertise, we’d like you to know that we’ve won 2 awards in the past for our Electronic Cabinet Online solution.

So if you are looking for a trusted partner to build your technology solution, or you’re just not sure if you should build or buy, talk to us.