About us

Whilst we work with technology, we know it is the people and processes that will really achieve success for your business.”

We are a business technology agency.  We care as much about your business as your technology.  So with every client and technology project, we work with you to get back to basics first.  Understanding and agreeing with you what your business does, where you want to grow it and then working with you to get there.

Sounds simple right.  Well often we find clients have lost their way with technology and are not sure of where to turn next.   We work with you to get your technology back on track so you can focus on being great at what you do best, being in business.  Surely that’s what you’d expect from us!

Brabham’s focus is on getting business benefits from technology…

Here’s a snapshot of just some of things we’ve done with clients:

  • Software Application Development
  • CRM Strategy & Implementation
  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Technology Request for Tenders & Acquisitions
  • Technology & Business Change Management
  • Program and Project Management
  • Software Integrations
  • Organisational Change Management (skill set re assignments etc)
  • the list goes on…

We’ve been working with clients for nearly two decades to ensure they purchase the right technology for their business needs and then ensuring it is implemented correctly throughout the organisation.  Purchasing the right technology but failing to implement it successfully can be a key downfall in organisations being sustainable.

We work with software vendors to keep them honest for you, ensuring they deliver on their sales promises.

If you’ve been struggling to make technology give you a competitive edge or just to see a return on your investment, it’s probably worth talking to us.  We’ve helped many organisations turn their technology challenges into real gain.


We’ve enjoyed every minute of working with the Brabham team.  What makes them unique is their attitude to problem solving and their ‘never give up’ approach.  No problem was too hard and they never walked away from a challenge.  We learned many things along the way from our technology project including much more about us as a business.  Thanks Brabham!

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